A simple and powerful API that simplifies integration

Vonzu's powerful API makes it quick and easy to integrate all your processes, partners and databases into a single system.


Unify and centralize all your management with Vonzu's API

Integrate your databases, programs and applications to the Vonzu digital ecosystem for frictionless control of your business.


We are integrated with several logistics operator platforms, which allows our clients to work with them through a simple configuration.

  • If you are retailer , with Vonzu you can automate the shipment of your products and obtain visibility and tracking of them.
  • If you are a logistics operator , you can receive shipping and/or collection requests automatically and offer visibility to your client.

We also have integrations with e-commerce platforms.

  • If you are retailer , when creating an expedition, you have the option of manually choosing the logistics operator with which you want to work.

Work with clients that have already incorporated Vonzu in their logistics, through a simple and fast configuration, and obtain more flexibility in the distribution and exchange of information.

  • If you are retailer , you can request the shipment of your orders automatically and obtain visibility and tracking of them in real time.
  • If you are a logistics operator , you can automatically receive shipping and collection requests and make live tracking available to the end customer.

Discover all the integrations

More than 20 integrations with different companies so that you can optimize your logistics from a single platform.