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Essential features of a successful delivery app

Essential features of a successful delivery app

Life returns to normality and this is reflected in consumer trends. A report by the company The NPD Group indicates that the foodservice returns to 2019 levels. But with a significant change. Today, 57% of consumers who order food at home do so via digital delivery.

Essential Features

The ease of ordering food with just an app has seduced consumers and has caused new companies to spring up everywhere. But not all apps have the same features. We present what, in our opinion, are the essential features of an application.

1. Restaurant offer

A wide range of restaurants is necessary to succeed. Having service in both small towns and large cities, this can be a way to distinguish yourself from the competition and encourage consumers to recognize and bet on the app.

In addition, having a wide variety of mid-priced or low-priced food delivery services can make the app more popular. Guaranteeing, of course, that the logistics and transport are effective and deliver at the right times.

And along with the number of restaurants, the best apps to order food stand out for their quality. Filling the application of companies with bad opinions penalizes. Consumers who experience poor service may lose trust in the app through which they came to the business.

2. Ratings and reviews

The opinions of those who have used a service before determine that a client chooses one option or another. Therefore, having the option to classify and evaluate other restaurants based on the service received is key in the strategy of any food delivery app.

Reviews influence consumer decisions when deciding on one restaurant or another. But not only that. They also provide other benefits that benefit the application and the businesses that work with it:

  • They build credibility . Users trust the opinions of those who have come to a service with needs and desires similar to theirs.
  • They encourage you to interact with the company . The ratings allow the response of the restaurants that can appreciate a positive comment or apologize for an incorrect service, which humanizes the brand.
  • App downloads are on the rise : A food delivery app is, in a way, an intermediary between consumers and restaurants. Being also a tool to show opinions gives it a greater dimension and increases the number of users.

3. Real-time tracking

The real-time delivery tracking feature shows the courier's estimated arrival time. The ability to track the status of an order at any time is a very useful and valued feature.

Keep in mind that delivery delays are one of the biggest problems for a food delivery app. Having a software that allows the optimization of routes supposes a considerable improvement in the customer experience. And it should not be forgotten that this experience in the purchase process determines recurrence .

Says the recent State of Connected Customer , which ensures that for 88% of Spanish consumers, the shopping experience is as important as the product.

4. Payments

The moment of payment is one of the most sensitive in the process and consumer satisfaction is directly related to the fact that no error occurs at that moment.

To claim to be among the best apps for food delivery, the payment function must therefore inspire a sense of security . And this is greatly influenced by the fact that it is technically executed in a comfortable and fluid way and, in addition, that it has an attractive design.

We explain some of the features that any payment process from an app should have:

  • It has to offer multiple payment methods to the customer.
  • It has to be simple to understand and efficient.
  • It must have advanced security systems and, ideally, work with a card verification system.
  • It is essential that it most common international payment
  • It should for recurring customers to pay

5. Push notifications

This tool allows consumers to receive quick notifications when the status of the order changes. The client receives instant messages on their devices that keep them informed.

In this way, the user is not forced to be constantly aware of the app to see where his order is going, but rather the application itself actively offers him the information. 

Push notifications are also a magnificent customer loyalty tool , as they help to know in real time and in a simple way the status of operations.


The forms of consumption in restaurants have changed rapidly. Users are increasingly enjoying their favorite foods at home. And the tool that facilitates the process is the food delivery app.

Thanks to it and with the sole help of a mobile phone, consumers can choose a restaurant, select their food, order it and receive it at home in a short time. 

However, the competition is increasing and only the best apps to order food will manage to capture an important part of the market niche . Having solutions that respond to all consumer demands is the only way to achieve this.