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6 tips to optimize product delivery on Black Friday

6 tips to optimize product delivery on Black Friday
There is a day in November capable of putting the success of a business on track or causing mistrust that is difficult to recover.
Surely you know what we mean: Black Friday.
Being able to optimize deliveries around that date will impact your overall results.

Nothing can go wrong on Black Friday. There are sectors of ecommerce in which 40% of their turnover depends on the week in which Black Friday and CyberMonday fall. Any error in the logistics system can ruin months of work.

In a time when millions accumulate, product delivery must be perfect . The glare of Black Friday calls users to consume, to get the item they have been longing for months. But they want it at the time and in the promised way.

The Black Friday experience has to be seamless. No delays, no excuses. Returning customers must maintain trust; On the other hand, we must retain the new ones . Following these tips will allow us to optimize the delivery of products to achieve this.

Prioritize orders

We can know the demand patterns of our store for a long time before. By studying the behaviors on Black Friday in previous years , although there are variations, we will be able to anticipate the forecasts of increased demand.

The distribution and delivery of products must be prepared for these dates. After analyzing the patterns of purchasing guidelines, it is time to implement a series of processes that allow order delivery to be optimized .

  • Pay attention to the stock . During Black Friday we will receive many more orders, so we must have a greater number of products available, especially those that are usually most in demand.
  • Optimize warehouse management . Quick access to the requested item is essential to optimize deliveries. Following these tips to improve the management of your warehouse will help us a lot.
  • Anticipate possible supply problems . To avoid shortage situations, nothing better than having software capable of identifying setbacks and solving them.
Black Friday Deliveries

Find the most efficient routes

Being able to plot the best routes is a boon to carriers handling orders and a way to prevent delays.

For the optimization of delivery routes, several factors must be :

  • The time it takes to the delivery places and the location of these, being able. develop a “map” linking different nearby delivery points.
  • The amount of traffic on the route.
  • The capacity of the vehicle .
  • Take into account possible unforeseen events on the route such as accidents or technical breakdowns.

The best ally to work with the most efficient routes is to have a software capable of planning them so that they are optimized in real time , that of collecting the data and making the calculations that will take us along the best path.

order tracking

We all know that any failure to deliver an order has a negative impact on business. If the customer does not receive it on time or in the agreed conditions, the image of the business and the chances that the user will repeat their purchase are drastically reduced.

What to do then? Offer options that allow the consumer to always know where their order is. In this way we show the customer that we are as aware of his purchase as he is and reduces the possibility that he will be absent at the time of delivery.

Today, technology makes it possible to integrate a system that identifies the exact location of an order and improve communication with the customer in the event of unforeseen events.

order tracking

Invest in inventory management

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of following the best practices for inventory management in an ecommerce . That is, to have everything under control in relation to the process of a product.

Well, on dates with the intensity of Black Friday deliveries , making extra investments in each of the processes that are part of management may be the best formula for achieving customer satisfaction .

Combine direct and reverse logistics

Direct logistics responds to the model that deals with the entire process that goes from the manufacture and management of products, their storage, distribution and transport, to their final delivery.

Reverse logistics , on the other hand, is a process that focuses on the actions linked to the return of the product from the customer to the seller. That is, it takes into account the changes demanded by the customer, the return process, recovery and recycling.

These last points are key in the increasingly important green logistics , which seeks to give a new life or sustainably destroy items that the consumer does not want.

Being present and acting efficiently and sensitively in all phases of the logistics process is key today. Complementing the two logistics is essential to offer a service that responds to the demands of today's consumers.

Automate customer notifications

On Black Friday it is common for the customer to have certain concerns related to the delivery of their order or that they also have unforeseen events that force them to make changes.

There must always be a formula for you to contact the seller. However, on busy days such as this or Christmas, answering each question manually becomes impossible. It is best to automate the answers to the most common questions .

It is also essential to automate the sending of mass messages through the corresponding channels when situations occur that affect the distribution and delivery of products.

Black Friday Deliveries


One of the days of greatest sales in ecommerce is about to fall. In addition , Black Friday can become the best starting point to gain the trust of users for the Christmas campaign and next year.

For this reason, it is essential to have everything prepared from now on and establish strategies that allow mitigating the effects of any possible setback. Optimizing the delivery of products on such demanding dates is essential to achieve the desired result.

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