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Method makes the difference with Vonzu in a market as aggressive as the last mile

Method Logistics


METHOD Advanced Logistics is a B2B and B2C transportation and distribution company, specializing in high-volume, dedicated last-mile transportation, overnight delivery, and food delivery. With only two years of experience, the company has more than 20 provincial hubs spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal, more than 600 delivery men and a fleet of more than 400 vehicles. In the field of the last mile, the Spanish company exceeds 25 million annual deliveries and the figure is increasing.


Logistic operator


To differentiate itself from its competitors and be competitive in a market as aggressive as the last mile market, METHOD needed to have a technological solution that would allow them to optimize delivery operations and adapt to the particular needs of each of their customers. Therefore, they contacted VONZU Tech.

The challenge that METHOD presented us with was threefold: they were looking for a technological platform that could be 100% integrated with all their clients' operating systems, that would optimize their last-mile delivery operations and guarantee the total traceability of shipments/operations.

The solution: Vonzu

With the implementation of the VONZU technology platform, METHOD has managed to digitize and automate all its last-mile logistics processes. Using a single tool, the transport company is capable of planning the most optimal routes in terms of time and fuel costs, assigning shipments to its delivery people and controlling all its distribution operations.

In parallel, the VONZU mobile application accompanies all the work of the deliverers in points such as: load validation before departure, distribution optimization through intelligent navigation, barcode scanning system, QR codes to identify the packages to be delivered or collect and digital management of documentation to avoid the use of unnecessary paper, notifications and alerts. All of this has reinforced the capacity of the transport company to shorten and meet delivery times, by optimizing loading and unloading times and the routes taken by delivery people.

Thanks to VONZU we have a comprehensive distribution solution that seeks the optimal point between speed, quality and price in the design of routes. Gonzalo Forniés
Co-Founder of Method Logistics

On the other hand, the Vonzu application accompanies all the work of the distributors in points such as the validation of the load before departure, the optimization of the distribution or the scanning system. All of this has strengthened METHOD's ability to shorten and meet delivery times.

The scalability of the system has also helped the company to adapt to the changing and growing demand peaks generated by the increase in e-commerce as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now METHOD guarantees a premium experience to its customers, offering them real-time order tracking.

When we were looking for delivery software, we were also looking for a trusted partner that would be able to quickly adapt to our operations and have an immediate impact on our processes.
We find that in VONZU, without the need to make significant investments in technology or in a work team. Gonzalo Forniés
Co-Founder of Method



Working with METHOD is a privilege and one of the great success stories of our company due to the dimensions that the project has reached and the improvements and customization possibilities that, even today, we continue to implement. Mario Martinez
CEO of Vonzu

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