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With the acceleration of e-commerce, last mile deliveries are growing exponentially and speed and efficiency are a priority. At VONZU, we help you maximize your delivery operations.

  • +40%

    Delivery capacity

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Give your end customer an unbeatable brand experience

Manage your logistics operations and get full visibility of all your processes from your own ecosystem in the cloud. With Vonzu you can:

  • Analyze your operations’ performance
  • Orchestrate all your agents
  • Organize your dispatches and returns
  • Visualize your expeditions in real time
  • Digitize and automate your processes
  • Improve your fleet and divers’ efficiency
  • Manage your warehouse operations


Assign delivery routes manually or automatically

Plan your shipments from a frictionless platform and increase the productivity of your fleet thanks to Vonzu's route optimizer, setting the fastest and most efficient route for each order.

Visualize tracking in real time

Consult real-time information on your shipments at all times and carry out analyzes on the productivity of your processes and logistics agents.

Send personalized and real-time notifications to your customers

Keep your customers updated at all times about the status of their shipment, through notifications (via SMS and email) personalized with the visual identity of your brand.


Unifies your processes, optimize your deliveries and elevate your final client’s satisfaction.

Prodesco Group

Grupo Prodesco relies on Vonzu for the digitization of its delivery in the HORECA channel, improving its delivery control and improving the experience of its customers.

Method Logistics

Method Logistics: take control and make a difference in the chaotic last mile market with Vonzu.


Vonzu and three keys for luxury furniture to go even further: digitization, speed and agility.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has managed to quickly orchestrate its logistics and increase customer satisfaction thanks to Vonzu.

Dyoxide of Gambettes

Dioxyde de Gambettes works with Vonzu towards a clear goal: to make Brussels a cleaner and more sustainable city.

Prodesco Group

Grupo Prodesco trusts Vonzu for the digitization of its distribution in the HORECA channel


The food industry is one of the most regulated in the world because, unlike other products, it requires special handling. The difficulties of this industry are faced not only by food producers but also by those who transport it.

In recent times, the distribution sector has undergone great changes: rising fuel prices, shortages of raw materials, carrier strikes and others. This makes a tracking system essential that allows real-time monitoring of goods and clear and direct communication with drivers and customers, especially B2B. The timely arrival of food is key to guaranteeing the quality of the service, especially when dealing with delicate and perishable products such as food.

In December 2021, Prodesco decides to collaborate with Vonzu with the aim of professionalizing the daily monitoring of their orders and improving communication with their customers in the Madrid area and surroundings. With an agile start-up in just 4 weeks, the distributor has managed to streamline its logistics operations, thus improving the service it offers its more than 2,800 customers, including companies such as Honest Greens, the ME hotel chain, Manolo Bakes or El Ham Museum.


Thanks to Vonzu, Prodesco has better control: they can easily track the origin and destination of a product in real time and everything that happens during the delivery.

Additionally, Vonzu has provided a professionalization of delivery notes and proofs of delivery, having the possibility of adding the signature of the final recipient, confirming the correct receipt of merchandise, and photos of the status of each delivery, a very important point given the delicacy of the products that are delivered. This translates into a reduction in doubts and incidents at the ATC service.

Another important point has been the improvement of the customer experience with the sending of emails and personalized SMS. In addition, Prodesco drivers can easily communicate with the delivery points from the Vonzu mobile app, personally reporting any unforeseen event.

Logo METHOD Logistics

Method makes the difference with Vonzu in a market as aggressive as the last mile


To differentiate itself from its competitors and be competitive in a market as aggressive as the last mile market, METHOD needed to have a technological solution that would allow them to optimize delivery operations and adapt to the particular needs of each of their customers. Therefore, they contacted VONZU Tech.

The challenge that METHOD presented us with was threefold: they were looking for a technological platform that could be 100% integrated with all their clients' operating systems, that would optimize their last-mile delivery operations and guarantee the total traceability of shipments/operations.


With the implementation of the VONZU technology platform, METHOD has managed to digitize and automate all its last-mile logistics processes. Using a single tool, the transport company is capable of planning the most optimal routes in terms of time and fuel costs, assigning shipments to its delivery people and controlling all its distribution operations.

In parallel, the VONZU mobile application accompanies all the work of the deliverers in points such as: load validation before departure, distribution optimization through intelligent navigation, barcode scanning system, QR codes to identify the packages to be delivered or collect and digital management of documentation to avoid the use of unnecessary paper, notifications and alerts. All of this has reinforced the capacity of the transport company to shorten and meet delivery times, by optimizing loading and unloading times and the routes taken by delivery people.

  • +40%

    Delivery capacity

  • +30%

    Delivery capacity

Vonzu and three keys for luxury furniture to go even further: digitization, speed and agility


The digital nature of the post-pandemic market made it clear to many companies, such as BoConcept, the need to digitize and automate their logistics processes , in order to be able to adapt to new consumer trends.

Improving the visibility of its deliveries and external assembly people, streamlining its distribution process and speeding up the management of its incidents were the main aspects to be developed for BoConcept. And they found the most effective solution in Vonzu .


The collaboration between BoConcept and Vonzu has allowed, from the beginning, to improve the management of the company's back office . Our SaaS allows us to gather in a single system all the relevant information for the distribution process and plan all logistics tasks from a global perspective , making all shipments more efficient and profitable.

In this way, the furniture company can now view and orchestrate its distribution operations centrally and autonomously .

Through the Live Map, BoConcept can monitor the location and route of its drivers in real time, as well as check which orders have been delivered and possible incidents.

In addition, thanks to our application, calls between warehouse and drivers have been significantly reduced, the delivery validation process has been streamlined and control over the fleet and carriers' working hours has increased .

  • +70%

    Customer satisfaction

  • -45%

    ATC calls

Leroy Merlin Logo

The retailer entrusts VONZU with the automation of its shipments from the store and online


Before incorporating Vonzu, Leroy Merlin used software in which the information on delivery operations was out of date . In 2020, the strong growth of e-commerce revealed a fundamental need for the company: optimizing its logistics operations was essential to be able to face the intensification of the number of shipments . And this, in turn, implied improving its external communication, both with logistics operators and with the end customer, in order to reduce incidents in deliveries.

On the other hand, one of Leroy Merlin's objectives at that time was also to position itself in Portugal as a benchmark in its sector.


Leroy Merlin relies on Vonzu to improve the efficiency of its processes and to automate and optimize its logistics operations. Our SaaS acts as a control tower , and the multinational can communicate easily and have all the information of its shipments in a single platform in the cloud.

The integration of Vonzu with the retailer's internal software happened easily and quickly, adapting to its structure for an agile and practically imperceptible transition.

  • +40%

    Delivery capacity

  • +30%

    Delivery capacity

dyoxide logo

Bike messaging goes a step further: personalization and growth thanks to our SaaS


Bike messaging is increasingly present in the last mile sector, especially in large cities, where traffic congestion highlights the need for sustainable means of transport. From a hub in the center of Brussels, Dioxyde works for more than 150 local clients, with an average of 850 monthly deliveries that, at peak times, can exceed 1,200. Their fleet of up to 25 riders works around the clock, delivering packages from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The increase in deliveries together with the need for tracking by its customers led Dioxyde to choose Vonzu as its technological partner.


Thanks to Vonzu, Dioxyde can offer a fully customizable tracking system to its customers – both B2B, through a real-time tracking platform, and B2C, with direct email communication on the status of each order. Delivery management is much more agile, offering a practical and easy-to-use mobile app to its riders, whose performance can be monitored in real time from the warehouse. Since the implementation of Vonzu, the volume of Dioxyde deliveries from Gambettes has doubled. Another important improvement is the digitization of the PODs. Dioxyde has drastically reduced paper consumption in its operations, being able to professionalize its delivery notes by having the client's signature and even images of the delivery.

Additionally, our SaaS has allowed the digitization of the entry and exit of merchandise in your warehouse, which has allowed an improvement in stock control. Without a doubt, sustainable transport companies are here to stay. Bicycle messaging is an increasingly important model in the last mile and, in the coming years, we will see how delivery on foot or by bike becomes an essential element in our streets. At Vonzu we are delighted to be able to collaborate with companies that, like us, work to promote cleaner and more environmentally friendly logistics.

  • +100

    New customers

  • x3%

    Delivery capacity


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